About The Garage Remote Guys Ltd

About us

We provide safety with security. Our company supplies automatic openers and other products serving residential markets Auckland.

Dave, who heads Garage Remote Guy Limited, began his journey as a locksmith back in 1987 with Eastern Bays Mobile Locksmiths.

Finding that most new houses are being built with automatic garage doors and there was a market for the supply of garage remotes, he entered this business and established Garage Remote Guy Limited for serving residences and office establishments in Auckland region.

Garage door remotes can be easily lost, stolen, broken, and with growing families, copies of remotes are needed. We are there to make that for you.

If your remote is stolen then we can reprogram to the motor a new remote making the original remote invalid. At the same time if your light bulb in the motor has gone off then we can replace that as well.

We also supply receiver kits. These can be added to your existing motor if you have a low frequency 27 megahertz motor where remotes are not available any more.