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Terms and Conditions

The Garage Remote Guy Ltd


The Garage Remote Guysupplies all products and services on the following terms, no variation of these terms is effective unless in writing and signed by the Company. Within these terms of condition and supply the following are defined as follows:

  • 1.
    The Company

    is defined The Garage Remote Guy and its appointed contractors. The parties to a particular contract shall be the customer.

  • 2.

    any goods supplied to a customer by The Garage Remote Guy

  • 3.

    any service supplied by The Garage Remote Guyto a customer or at a customer’s request.

  • 4.

    the customer’s execution of this agreement or the making of any order will be deemed to be an acceptance by the customer of these terms.


1. Supply and delivery

  • The customer may place orders for products and servicesThe Garage Remote Guywill use its best endeavours to deliver all products and services within the agreed time or within fourteen business days of receipt of each order if no such time has been agreed uponThe Garage Remote Guyhas no obligation to deliver any product or service unless The Garage Remote Guy accepts the order.
  • The time of supply will be extended if, for any reason/s outside of The Garage Remote Guyreasonable control, products or services are not able to be procured, or The Garage Remote Guy are not able to obtain unimpeded access and facilities in the premises in which products or services are to be supplied.

2. Replacement/Substitution of Products

  • The Garage Remote Guyshall use reasonable endeavours to obtain products and/or services that have been ordered by the customer. Where it becomes impracticable for The Garage Remote Guyto provide any product or service already ordered, The Garage Remote Guy will use reasonable endeavours to provide substitute product or service reasonably suitable for the customer’s requirements. The customer shall be free to accept or decline that offer. In the event that it is impracticable for The Garage Remote Guy to supply a product or service, the customer shall have no claim against The Garage Remote Guy

3. Place of Delivery

Delivery will take place when:

  • IfThe Garage Remote Guyhas agreed to install any locking mechanism on or in the customer’s premises, remote or garage door motor Delivery shall take place when the locking mechanism/system is installed.
    In all other cases, delivery shall take place:
    • When the customer uplifts products from the premises ofThe Garage Remote Guy
    • The Garage Remote Guystaff or contractors deliver products to the customer or to the customer’s premises
    • When products are provided by The Garage Remote Guyto a courier for delivery to the customer
    • Further to the above goods delivered via courier to the customer, delivery shall be deemed to have taken place when the product is provided to the courier for delivery
    • The customer accepts all risk relating to the product following delivery
    • The customer accepts the terms of carriage which will be the standard terms upon which the carrier carries goods for The Garage Remote Guyand its customers.

4. Price

  • The price payable for products and services will be the price specified in any order, or agreement. Where no price is specified, The Garage Remote Guystandard price for the product or service at the time of the order will apply.
  • The Garage Remote Guymay amend prices from time to time and will notify the customer in writing, effective immediately. Amended pricing will not affect the price payable for products or services already ordered.

5. Ownership

  • The Garage Remote Guywill retain legal and beneficial ownership of any and all products and other goods which the products have been incorporated into until it receives payment in full for them and all other amounts owing to it. The customer irrevocably grants The Garage Remote Guya licence to enter upon the premises in which any products are installed and remove the products at any time until payment for the products, services and any other monies owing to The Garage Remote Guy is made.

6. Trading accounts

  • Trading accounts are available to approved customers upon application to, and approval ofThe Garage Remote Guytrading accounts will be on terms specified by The Garage Remote Guy from time to time. Our credit policy is strictly 20thof the month following, or 7 days, as per arrangement with The Garage Remote Guy

7. Late Payment

  • If the customer does not pay any amount payable toThe Garage Remote Guy by the due date for payment, the customer may be liable for any debt collection, interest and other associated costs for late monies paid (in addition to the customer remaining liable for the full amount outstanding toThe Garage Remote Guy). The interest rate on the amount due from the due date until the date of payment will be equal to 5% per day above the current overdraft rate whichThe Garage Remote Guyhas with its principal banker.
  • The Garage Remote Guyreserve the right to place accounts on Stop Credit (without notice) should payment not be received by the end of the month following the period end date on your statement. This allows ten extra days for consultationregarding invoices, credits etc. The Garage Remote Guyis unable to extend credit any further than the terms stated above.

8. Product warranties

  • Where products have a third party warranty, The Garage Remote Guy will (to the extent permitted by the third party) allow the customer to benefit from that warranty, but will not itself be liable under that warranty. Hardware warranties do not apply to products supplied by the customer.
  • In addition, The Garage Remote Guywarrants all workmanship in the completion of services, and installation of products supplied by us, for a period of twelve (12) months following the date upon which such services were carried out and hardware supplied. We do not, however, guarantee hardware failure due to lack of maintenance on the customer’s behalf, or for any reasons attributable to environmental and/or joinery factors beyond our control (this includes but is not limited to door and/or window frames in either wood, aluminium or a combination of both moving or dropping), and normal callout charges apply in these instances.

9. Customer’s Indemnity

  • The customer warrants that it has full authority to authoriseThe Garage Remote Guy to install any product installed by The Garage Remote Guyat the customer’s request. The customer indemnifies The Garage Remote Guyagainst the consequences of any claim by any third party following installation of the products at the direction of the customer. Such indemnity extends to reasonable legal costs incurred by The Garage Remote Guy arising out of any claim by the third party.
  • The customer shall provide The Garage Remote GuyLtd full access to premises in which products are to be installed and adequate power, lighting, and other facilities to allow The Garage Remote Guyto install or service products.The Garage Remote Guy may make further charges to the customer should there be any delay, or additional attendances as a consequence of lack of access to facilities, or lack of adequate facilities. The customer will adviseThe Garage Remote Guyif it is necessary for The Garage Remote Guyto co-ordinate with any other tradespersons.

10. Limitation of Liability

  • Any liability of The Garage Remote Guyor the failure of a product or service shall be limited to the cost of repair or replacement of that liability or product and in no event shall The Garage Remote Guybe liable for consequential losses arising out of aThe Garage Remote Guyproduct or service.